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Mobile Inspection System ST-2630M at the Manege Square

On September 20th, 2018 within the context of the joint panel meeting of the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Tax Service taking place at the Manege Central Exhibition hall, the Mobile Inspection System (MIS) ST-2630M was presented. The ST-2630M is designed and manufactured by OOO Scantronic Systems using the state-of-the-art linear electron accelerator with duplex energy modulation and this particular machine is operated by Customs Service of Bryansk.

Mr. Vladimir Bulavin, head of Federal Customs Service, introduced the MIS system to first deputy Prime Minister – the Minister of Finance, Mr. Anton Siluanov – and to the head of Federal Tax Service – Mr. Mikhail Mishustin – unveiling unique features and capabilities of Scantronic Systems’ ST-2630M while showing scanner-generated images which are by far superior to competition in terms of precision, detail and material discrimination.