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JSC "Ruselectronics"

LLC "Sсantroniс Systems" is working on projects to create inspection systems jointly with JSC "Ruselectronics". One of the goals of this cooperation is to combine the resources of the leading companies of electronic industry in Russia and the focus of activity in the production of high-tech components, primarily microwave components.

High level of competence of the companies included in the cooperation will allow to develop in the framework of the project a unified series of inspection systems, to commercialize unique technologies of double and civil purpose.

This cooperation will ensure the development of a new state meaningful industrial branch, to satisfy needs of a significant segment of the market of domestic high-tech products, and to promote innovative development of the electronic industry in Russia.

Creation of the industrial branch will also cover needs of the departments of Russian Federation in inspection systems not only in their production, but also in long-term maintenance, repair and modernization.


In the framework of cooperation of enterprises with the aim to equip checkpoints on the border of Russian Federation under the auspices of the corporation JSC "Ruselectronics", the joint activity of «Scantronic systems, Ltd.» and JSC «NIISVT» is conducted in the area of usage of computer aids, automated systems and communication facilities for inspection systems.

NIISVT positions itself as a General Contractor in the construction and equipping of buildings for inspection systems, in the field of engineering systems, systems of information technology and access control.


In the framework of cooperation of enterprises with the aim to equip checkpoints on the border of Russian Federation under the auspices of the corporation JSC "Ruselectronics" the joint activity of «Scantronic systems, Ltd.» and Lomonosov Moscow State University Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP MSU) is conducted in the area of calculations, design development, control and monitoring systems, technologies of serial production, testing and certification of accelerators for inspection systems.

During implementation of the project of equipping of the border checkpoint «Pogranichniy» in Primorsky krai with inspection system ST-6035 of «Scantronic systems» production, the electron linear accelerator UELR-6-1-D-4-01 (TU 6912-001-69564325-2011), used in the inspection system ST-6035 as a source of bremsstrahlung, successfully passed acceptance tests in SINP MSU in September, 2012.

The development of a high-frequency linear electron accelerator UELR-6-1-D-4-03 (TU 6912-001-69564325 - 2013) is currently performed in SINP MSU jointly with the specialists of «Scantronic systems». The accelerator has unique characteristics and has no analogues in the world, in particular on the repetition rate of up to 2000 Hz, which will allow its usage in the inspection system ST-2630Т (TU 4276-002-68883689-2012), and inspection of trains moving at speeds up to 70 km/hour.

A team of accelerator developers under the leadership of Doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor V.I.Shvedunov, which is a part of «Scantronic systems», is transformed into a Laboratory of Electron Accelerators on the basis of the joint venture of «Scantronic systems» with Moscow State University - «LEA-MSU.

At present 17 highly qualified specialists, including doctors and candidates of Sciences, specialists in the field of accelerator physics and nuclear physics, works in the laboratory «LEA-MSU».

JSC "NPP" Toriy"

JSC "NPP" Toriy" is the unique research and production complex with a single production and scientific and technological base that provides the development and production of electrovacuum devices and microwave components for X-ray accelerators.

LLP Korgau KZ

The company «Korgau KZ, LLP» and «Scantronic systems, Ltd.» are working together to promote the products manufactured by Scantronic Systems in the market of Kazakhstan and countries of Central Asia. The company «Korgau KZ, LLP» is an official distributor and partner of «Scantronic systems, Ltd.» and is working to promote a new generation of inspection systems for a range of Customers.