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Detection system is intended for electron accelerator bremsstrahlung intensity measurement, conversion of analog electrical signals into digital format and data transfer to the remote computer, where special software performs final data processing including correction, filtration and visualization on monitor screen.


Main components of detection systems are:


  • Detector module representing multichannel scintillator-photodiode assembly, which provides conversion of bremsstrahlung intensity into measured electrical signal.

  • Multichannel ADC module, which provides conversion of analog electrical signals into digital form, their buffering and transfer into control unit.

  • Control unit, which controls ADC modules, data acquisition and their transfer to the remote computer. Additionally, control unit can be equipped with trigger module, providing synchronization of detector system with accelerator and accelerator energy control.


Company Scantronic Systems offers to the Customers, who demands high technological requirements, development and production either separate components of detector lines or complete solution on “turn-key” basis, including software and data acquisition and processing, as well as detector box, which can be designed according to the Customer requirements, including climate ones.


Technical competence and many years’ experience of Scantronic specialists allow developing, designing, manufacturing, make system integration and commissioning of cutting–edge complex detection systems for wide variety of applications, including x-ray inspection systems, industrial introscopy and tomography systems.


Fig.1. Detector module. 8-pixel assembly of scintillator-photodiodes.


Fig.2. 32-channel ADC board developed by Scantronic Systems.


Fig.3. Control unit of detection system of ST-6035, developed by Scantronic Systems.


Communication protocol with remote computer

Communication interface with remote computer - 1000BASE-T. Communication interface data transfer is based on TCP, with assistance of software TCP server, installed on control unit.

Detection system control from remote computer is realized with command package.

Example of command types:

  • command of parameters setting of detection system and synchronizator

  • start/stop synchronizator command

  • start/stop detector command.


Detection system operation modes

Detection system has 5 operation modes and 2 of them are the measurement modes, and 3 of them are service modes intended for testing during commissioning.

Operation mode is set up in data acquisition software module. Operation mode with dark current subtraction (main measurement mode), and operation mode without subtraction of dark current are used for real bremsstrahlung intensity measurement.

Other 3 operation modes are corresponding to the service (testing) operation modes.