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X-ray inspection system ST-6035




  •   • Finished turnkey solution
  •   • High image quality
  •   • Throughput up to 25 vehicles in hour
  •   • Reliable material discrimination
  •   • Radiation safety






The inspection system (IS) ST-6035 on the base of electron linear accelerator is designed for fast and effective inspection of cargo, vehicles and containers.

Due to the high penetrability of IS ST-6035, there is no need to open a container. Based on the best experience, Scantronic Systems implemented technical solutions enabling the most rapid and convenient way to analyze obtained images and providing an operator with necessary tools for effective detection of prohibited items, weapons, explosives and narcotics, as well as to check the contents of cargo on its compliance with cargo accompanying documentation.

Usage in the system a klystron-based electron linear accelerator with duplet energy modulation together with an innovative method of duplet pulse detection (Russian Patent No. 149560 priority from 10.07.2014), and also with special algorithms of scanned data processing allows reliable discrimination of at least 4 groups of materials by their effective atomic numbers (Zeff) in wide range of mass thickness and mass evaluation of cargo.

Technological equipment of ST-6035 can work in the mode of ultra-penetration ability (up to 460 mm in steel) for parts of inspected objects with lower scanning speed by switching the system operation modes.

Arc-like detector line of the system ST-6035 allows to obtain high-quality radioscopic image of inspected object with minimal geometric distortion (Russian patent №149561 priority from 09.04.2014).

Using the IS ST-6035, a Customer gets a possibility to construct a distributed system of control and security, controlled from a common center, regardless of the remoteness of inspection points from each other. Obtained data is saved in a common database and can be used in the analytical work and for further training of operators.





Technical performances (specifications)

Electron beam energy

Pulse repetition rate

6 / 3.5 MeV

2 х 200 Hz

Total number of detectors

Scanning height

ADC capacity


up to 4.5 m

20 bits

Penetration in steel

Wire detection without barrier

Contrast sensitivity

Mass thickness of effective material discrimination

400 mm

Ø 0.8 mm

0.5 %

from 5 g/cm2 to 140 g/cm2


Maximal dimensions of vehicle

Vertical clearance of system (aperture of movable gantry)

up to 25 vehicles in hour

20 × 3 × 4.5 (L х W х H)

4.8 m

Maximal dose absorbed by an object in one scanning

Annual dose for operators

60 µSv

lesser 1,0 mSv/year

Operation mode

Climatic conditions (requirements):

- for equipment inside premises

- for equipment outside premises

Consumed power



от + 5°C to + 45°C


от -45°С to +50°С

lesser 60 kVA




Basic functions of image analysis

Based on Linux OS


Image contrast control, histogram equalization,

gamma correction, deconvolution, segmentation,

filtration, work with markers, discrimination

of groups of materials, evaluation of atomic number,

weight of cargo and x-ray energy.