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Due to innovative technical solutions and technologies the LLC «Scantronic Systems» offers a Customer the relocated conveyer inspection system ST-2630K for inspection of cars and vans.

The IS ST-2630K provides increased throughput - up to 95 vehicles in hour by using a sectional belt conveyor with reverse function.

Due to the chosen optical diagram of scanning (projection from above at an angle), the IS ST-2630K provides optimal presentation of all planes of the vehicle, including its underside, that provides improved effectiveness for detection of weapons, ammunition, etc.

Operation of the system is based on the operator’s analysis of high quality radioscopic image, obtained at the process of scanning and displayed on a monitor.

The accelerator with electron beam energy 6/3.5  MeV  and  optimized radiation dose does not require complex shielding constructions, while providing reliable discrimination of 4 groups of material.

The system uses commercially available belt conveyors, designed for operation in corrosive environments (washings, production processes, etc.).

The conveyer inspection system ST-2630К represents itself a complex of principally new scientific and technical solutions, which allow realization of precise discrimination of 4 groups of materials by their effective atomic number, and also weight evaluation of cargo and separate objects with error no more 10%.

The inspection system ST-2630K can be supplemented with a zone for private inspection of drivers and passengers, which is designed in accordance with Customer’s requirements and may be placed either in a stationary building or in a modular building.

Using the IS ST-2630K, a Customer gets a possibility to construct a distributed system of control and security, controlled from a common center, regardless of the remoteness of inspection check-points from each other.



Radiation source
Electron beam energy
6 / 3.5 МeV
Accelerator pulse repetition rate
2 x 200 Hz
Image quality

Penetration in steel
300 mm
Detection of steel wire withdiameter - without barrier less than Ø 0,8 mm
Detection of steel wire withdiameter - with 100 mm steel barrier less than Ø 1,5 mm
Contrast sensitivity
Number of discriminated by Z groups of materials
Mass thickness of effective material discrimination
5-80 g/cm2
Throughput and dimensions
up to 95 vehicles/hour
Maximal dimensions of vehicle
5,5m × 2,24m × 2,2m (L х W х H)
Scanning speed
24 m/min
Radiation safety
Maximal dose absorbed by an object in one scanning
less than 2 μSv
Annual dose for operators and population
less than 1,0 mSv/hour
Operational characteristics
Dimensions of inspection tunnel
3m х 12m (W х L)
Consumed power
25 kVА
Computer system
Based on Linux OS
Database capacity