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Linear electron accelerator UELR-6-1-D-4-01



Linear electron accelerator with pulse-to-pulse energy modulation consists of:

  • X-ray head, including electron beam gun, accelerating structure, klystron, waveguide with gas supply system, low power RF system, vacuum system, target, local radiation shielding, ion chamber, elements of cooling system, control electronics (controllers and control computer), interfaces to other systems, hermetic casing;
  • modulator, combined with X-ray head in one common unit;
  • cooling system, providing constant temperature of cooling liquid;
  • control console;
  • cables (including high voltage), pipes.


Accelerator operates in three main modes:

  • Dual energy mode
  • High energy mode
  • Low energy mode


The source of radiation is the linear electron accelerator UELR-6-1-D-4-01 (TU6912-001-69564325-2011) manufactured by «Scantronic systems» Ltd. The accelerator is intended for bremsstrahlung generation with boundary energy corresponding to the energy of accelerated electron beam used for formation of x-ray shadow image of a scanned object. Accelerator is one of the basic and integral parts of IS, which parameters define its basic physical and technical performances.

Electron beam high energy  
Electron beam low energy

6/3.5 MeV (±5%)

Dose rate at high energy 2,0 Gy/min at 1 m
Dose rate at low energy 2,0 Gy/min at 1 m
Dose rate at dual energy 4,0 Gy/min at 1 m

Repetition rate in high energy mode 200 Hz
Repetition rate in low energy mode 200 Hz
Repetition rate in dual energy mode 2х200 Hz

Range of time delay between pulses
with high and low energy
200 - 495 µs

Stability of high energy 0,5%
Stability of low energy 0,5%
Dose rate stability at high energy 2%
Dose rate stability at low energy 2%

X-ray start-up time < 1 s
X-ray cut-off time < 10 ms

Focal spot size < 2 mm

Missing pulse probability ≤ 5х10-3
Probability of two sequent
pulses missing
≤ 1х10-4

Radiation leakage 2х10-5 при 6MeV

Width of collimation slit 3 mm

Vertical opening angle of beam in upper direction +33,5°
Vertical opening angle of beam in lower direction -17,7°

Dimensions of X-ray head with modulator 1090х640х1460 mm
Weight of X-ray head with modulator < 1500 kg

Dimensions of control console 300х400х180 mm
Weight of control console < 10 kg

Dimensions of chiller 750х1700х1535 mm
Weight of chiller 250 kg

Power supply 400 V/3 phases/ 50 Hz

Consumed power of X-ray head with modulator 13 kW
Consumed power of chiller (at warming-up) 8 kW

Operation conditions:  
Temperature 0°C / +45°C
Humidity 5% - 95%
Warming-up time < 15 min