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Vvedenskogo kanala 7, St. Petersburg, 190013, Russia

In the framework of cooperation on the project the issue of organization of a specialized joint venture with the aim to unite resources of leading enterprises of the electronic industry of Russia and focus their activities on the production of high-tech component parts, in the first place, microwave components is studied jointly with JSC "Ruselectronics".

High level of competence of the companies included in the cooperation will allow to develop in the framework of the project a unified series of inspection systems, to commercialize unique technologies of double and civil purpose.

This cooperation will ensure the development of a new state meaningful industrial branch, to satisfy needs of a significant segment of the market of domestic high-tech products, and to promote innovative development of the electronic industry in Russia.

Creation of the industrial branch will also cover needs of the departments of Russian Federation in inspection systems not only in their production, but also in long-term maintenance, repair and modernization.